Red Snapper, Robin Anderson

The unkindest cut of all. James Augustine-Jones has classic blond English good looks and plenty of money. He oozes talent as London's leading interior designer and he oozes sex appeal. So does his long-time friend and lover, David Prior, of Prior Properties. But James has a problem. Years ago, in his teens, he gazed up at Michelangelo's statue of David in Florence - the one that has middle-aged matrons fainting on the floor - and realised that the statue had something that James didn't: a tassel, a veil, a Walnut Whip, a foreskin - call it what you will. James resents the 'cut', resents his parents, and resolves to bite back. A series of horrendous attacks by the 'Red Snapper' hits London's Earl's Court and other gay zones. Then a handsome policeman comes on the scene, and life for James gets very, very difficult... and very, very painful. Glamorous venues ranging from Chelsea to South America and Sri Lanka, plus exquisitely observed camp banter and chintzy behaviour, mark Robin Anderson's shockingly penetrating novel as a gay masterpiece. Behind the gloss and the glitz, however, there's a stern, even moralistic, message: don't do unto others what you don't want done to yourself... Now read on if you dare Robin Anderson was born in Scotland and educated in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, and South Africa. He is a recognised international interior designer, having started his London-based business in the late sixties. Red Snapper is his second novel. His first novel, Regina, set in the glossy, bitchy world of interior design, was a bestseller in the nineties. Two new novels, Sebastian and Seline and Versus, are also scheduled for publication in 2008

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