El amor, Martin Kohan

El amor es un cuento de Martín Kohan, en el cuál se parodia a la estadía que habrán tenido Fierro y Cruz en las tolderías, a suerte de Secreto en la Montaña, estos gauchos descubrirán algo más que amistad.


Moby Dick, Herman Melville

Moby Dick es la obra maestra de Herman Melville y una de las más representativas de la literatura americana. El capitán Acab, un loco con poder de arrastrar a los demás en su locura, se lanza tras la Ballena Blanca, como encarnación monomaníaca de todas las potencias maléficas.  
Uno de los grandes enigmas que siempre ha envuelto a su autor, Herman Melville, ha sido el de su supuesta homosexualidad, y no en vano, encontramos resquicios de amor gay en su novela más conocida, la misma 'Moby Dick'.

Hold On, I'm Coming!, VV.AA (ingles)

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An anthology of new Australian gay writing
What's love got to do with it? A collection that reflects the myriad forms of gay romance - anonymous quickie or impending marriage, mateship or crush, gothic or suburban. Tales of love and lust exploring modern relationships and highlighting the diversity of contemporary gay fiction.
Features new work from Tim Miles, Scott Clark, Robert Tait, John Bartlett, Alistair Sutton, Dallas Angguish, Timothy Collard, Shaun O'Dowd, and Jarred Connors.

Portraits for the Blind, Ian MacNeill (ingles)

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A new novella from Ian MacNeill.
Three Aussie kids on a beach in the eighties; it may be paradise but they're not happy. And soon they have to grow up and leave home. A story about what no-one wants to see. 
Ian MacNeill, with his sharp unique style, has been a contributor to the Australian gay lit scene for a long time. See also Ian's author page

My Boyfriend's Back, VV.AA. (ingles)

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My Boyfriend's Back
The best in Australian gay fiction.
Sweet and gritty, sublime and sexy, this collection includes work from established and new writers - ten new stories, highlighting the best in contemporary Australian gay fiction today. Writers featured: Brendan John Lindsay, Phil Scott, RJ Reynolds, John Bartlett, Ian MacNeill, Daniel Shaw, David Carlino, Tim Miles, Jarred Connors and Alistair Sutton.

and, then, he kissed me, VV. AA (ingles)

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A new anthology of Australian gay writing
Bush tucker was never this tasty. An Australia-wide collection exploring deep and dark emotions; tales of growing up and wanderlust; stories from the outback, the inner city and the depths of suburbia - a broad mix exploring a diversity of relationships and characters. Featuring new work from: Ward Lee, James May, Tim Miles, Brendan Lindsay, Barry Lowe, Shaun O'Dowd, Ian MacNeill, Alistair Sutton, Peter Mitchell, and Gary Dunne.

Stinga, David della Sabbia (ingles)

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North Queensland - beautiful one day, murderous the next
A body is discovered in a remote North Queensland farmhouse and Detective Steven 'Stinga' Miles is ordered bush to investigate - what appears to be suicide could be murder. As Stinga uncovers a sinister web of crime and corruption, he isn't expecting to be diverted by the possibility of romance.

When you're a boy, other boys check you out, VV.AA. (ingles)

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A new anthology of gay writing

You don't need Grindr to find these hot Aussie tales. There are 'boys' of all ages in this revealing collection, from teens to ones who'd rather not say. Authors explore being a son, being a brother, being a friend and being a lover; how we mesh these conflicting roles into a workable life and the real significance of each of these relationships. Featuring new work by: Dallas Angguish, Brendan J Lindsay, Ash Rehn, Daniel G Taylor, Shaun O'Dowd, Ian MacNeill, Scott Clark, Jarred Connors, and Robert Tait (with Chapter01 of Perfect Gay Marriage).

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