And So Is Love, Scarlet Blackwell

For two years of his ten-year prison sentence, Dane Faulkner has been a man best left alone. When Bailey Lewis disturbs his solitude and becomes a target for the local bullies, Dane finds the best way to protect him is to stake his own claim. What happens when the pretence becomes something more?

A Marrying Man, Sandrine Gasq-Dion

It’s been almost a year since a disastrous bet dropped Blaine McKlintock and his best friend, Kent Samson in hot water. Now, Kent is getting ready to propose to Terry Barron. Blaine couldn’t be happier for his best friend, but when Kent asks Blaine to plan the wedding, Blaine is thrown for a loop, especially when Kent drops another bomb. Spencer Cassidy will be helping. Blaine remembers Spencer very well, but the former Wall Street force doesn’t seem to remember him. Blaine’s changed a lot since the bet, but will Spencer see it too? 

Red Snapper, Robin Anderson

The unkindest cut of all. James Augustine-Jones has classic blond English good looks and plenty of money. He oozes talent as London's leading interior designer and he oozes sex appeal. So does his long-time friend and lover, David Prior, of Prior Properties. But James has a problem. Years ago, in his teens, he gazed up at Michelangelo's statue of David in Florence - the one that has middle-aged matrons fainting on the floor - and realised that the statue had something that James didn't: a tassel, a veil, a Walnut Whip, a foreskin - call it what you will. James resents the 'cut', resents his parents, and resolves to bite back. A series of horrendous attacks by the 'Red Snapper' hits London's Earl's Court and other gay zones. Then a handsome policeman comes on the scene, and life for James gets very, very difficult... and very, very painful. Glamorous venues ranging from Chelsea to South America and Sri Lanka, plus exquisitely observed camp banter and chintzy behaviour, mark Robin Anderson's shockingly penetrating novel as a gay masterpiece. Behind the gloss and the glitz, however, there's a stern, even moralistic, message: don't do unto others what you don't want done to yourself... Now read on if you dare Robin Anderson was born in Scotland and educated in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, and South Africa. He is a recognised international interior designer, having started his London-based business in the late sixties. Red Snapper is his second novel. His first novel, Regina, set in the glossy, bitchy world of interior design, was a bestseller in the nineties. Two new novels, Sebastian and Seline and Versus, are also scheduled for publication in 2008

Legion, Rider Jacobs

Banished to the mortal realm for a crime he didn't commit all Nico wants to do is return home. Legion feels love is weakness, it's an emotion only felt by fools. Answering a bundled summoning attempt Legion's world is turned upside down by the exotic Nico. Intrigued by the mortal, Legion finds himself unable to stay away. Refusing to believe he might actually be falling in love he sets out to discover who has cast such a wicked spell on him. Nico has a secret though, one that could end his relationship and destroy his chance to return home.

Challenging Fate, Renee Stevens

Maki waited years to discover what dragon spirit the fates gifted him with. He anticipated his first flight, his parents at his side, as he launched himself into the sky for the first time. Best of all, one day he'd find his mate and spend the rest of his life with someone by his side. Unfortunately for him, things didn't go exactly as he'd always planned.

With His Handy Man, Morgan King

With His Handy Man (Moving On...#1)

Tom is gutted when his business partner and ex- boyfriend Liam tells him he is seeing someone else. Tom and Liam’s relationship has been over for more than year, but it is this news that convinces Tom it is time to move on with his own life and he finally finds he courage to do something out of character: ask the handyman out. Jax hasn’t tried to hide the fact that he’s smitten with Tom and he’s thrilled that Tom has finally put Liam to one side and is showing an interest in him. He’ll grab his chance to date Tom with both hands! However, he likes Tom enough to want to be more than just a rebound fling. Can Tom truly let go off his feelings for Liam, and will Jax have a chance to win the battered and bruised heart of his boss?


Another Dumb Jock, Jeff Erno

In Dumb Jock, Jeff and Brett fall in love, but their relationship is not without challenges. Brett’s a football star, and Jeff is the classic nerd. Their coming of age and coming out story is set in the 1980s, and they face many obstacles. Yet their love for each other is strong, and they finally get their happy ending.

Now, almost three decades later, their children are teenagers. Adam, their fifteen year old son, is the star pitcher of his high school baseball team. He has grown up with two dads, in a loving, non-judgmental environment. Yet Adam has challenges of his own. He’s failing two of his classes at school, and he’s been suspended for fighting. He resents being labeled and insists that just because he has two dads, it doesn’t mean that he is himself gay.

When he is forced to accept help from another student in his algebra class, Adam starts to have feelings that cause him to question his very identity. He’s got to decide whether to follow his heart or to maintain the image he’s worked so hard to portray. Will he have the courage to take a stand for what he knows is right, or will he end up being just another dumb jock?

Saints And Madmen, Evey Brett

When tragedy leaves his family near destitution, farm boy Cadmon—named after the famed saint and poet—has no choice but to accept a position with Lord Vance, the so-called Mad Lord of Whitby, posing for paintings...nude.

After contracting an illness during his travels, Lord Vance was left both impotent and prey to fits of madness, and now lives vicariously through painting handsome subjects. Cadmon is shy at first, but his affection for his lordship quickly grows and he regales his master with tales of erotic, recurring dreams.

Lord Vance’s servant Tamar, a handsome Batavian slave gifted in the healing arts, attempts to hide the enormity of his master’s affliction until the night Cadmon stumbles onto the truth linking his dreams and Lord Vance’s madness. Passion flares between the three of them but is shattered when Cadmon discovers he was hired under false pretenses.

Heartbroken, Cadmon seeks refuge in the ruins of Whitby Abbey. There, haunted by the memories of both saints and madmen, he must find the strength to offer his body and risk his sanity to save the men he loves.  

La otra orilla del abismo, Sofia Olguin (Nimphie Knox)

Absalón se define a sí mismo como un hombre de negocios. Nada más cierto: pacta con los seres humanos a cambio de años de vida. Lucienne es un taciturno muchacho que ha perdido la memoria y cuya única posesión es una misteriosa gema que lleva colgando del cuello.
Juntos recorren París en pos de cosas muy distintas: Lucienne persigue sus recuerdos, mientras que Absalón hace todo lo posible para que nunca los recupere.
Sin embargo, Lucienne no sabe que es perseguido por los siervos de Lucifago, el demonio que gobierna en el Océano Crepitante, un sitio donde moran sirenas, musas, íncubos y súcubos… Un verdadero infierno flotante situado en el fondo del mar.
Con la ayuda de Zabaroth, el jefe del mercado negro de pactos demoníacos; Sheila, una bella tarotista; y Julien, un joven huérfano, deberán luchar contra las fuerzas malignas que amenazan destruir el orden tanto del mundo humano como del Océano Crepitante.

Stranded, Andrew Grey

Is this life imitating art or art imitating life? The only thing he’s sure of is that the situation he finds himself in is a copy of a scene he filmed earlier, only this time, there is no director yelling “cut” and no crew to rescue him. Terrified for his life, Kendall takes comfort remembering happier times with his long-time lover, Johnny. He hasn’t seen Johnny in weeks since Johnny stayed behind to finish his latest best-selling novel.

As he attempts to survive scorching-hot days and freezing nights, Kendall tries to figure out who did this to him. Could it be Johnny, or the research assistant he suspects Johnny is having an affair with? Both options fill him with bitterness. Or is it a more likely suspect? Kendall has a stalker who sends him flowers and always seems to know where he is. But what does this stranger have to gain by leaving Kendall stranded in the middle of nowhere?

Firsts and Forever 1 - Way Off, Alexa Land

  Jamie Nolan is a young cop on his first undercover assignment, sent to investigate Dmitri Teplov, a suspected major player in the Russian mafia. Jamie knows better than to get involved with the gorgeous nightclub owner. But right from the start, the spark of attraction between the two of them is undeniable.

Everything about Dmitri is just so unexpected. He’s sweet and shy, and has a nerdy side that Jamie finds irresistible. Can this man really be a criminal?

No matter if Dmitri is guilty or innocent, Jamie’s big Irish Catholic family of cops and his police captain are never going to accept this relationship. Dmitri’s dangerous and manipulative gangster uncle is also none too thrilled that these two are together, and wants Jamie out of the picture. On top of that, Jamie’s still reeling from a recent breakup, and Dmitri is unavailable anyway. Isn’t he?

No way should this thing between them be happening. Getting involved with Dmitri Teplov was never part of the plan. But sometimes, the best plan is the one you make up as you go along.

El misterio de Alma Rossi, Jaime Bayly

Javier Garcés decide ir a Chile en pos de Alma Rossi y, de paso, matar a unos cuantos mequetrefes más: Pedro Vidal y Ernesto Larraín, dos ejecutivos de la televisión que le jugaron una mala pasada con dos programas pilotos; un escritor engreído llamado César Undurraga; Pepe Morel, un escritor homosexual, y Julio Cox, un millonario adicto a la cirugía estética. Al mismo tiempo, el lector conoce algunas de las claves del carácter atormentado de Alma Rossi, que explican algunos de los acontecimientos del libro anterior. Esta segunda parte de la trilogía es, también, una crítica, mordaz a la par que divertida, de un cierto sector de la sociedad chilena, como la anterior lo era de su correspondiente en la peruana.


All In, Alexa Land

Even though he's really not over his ex-boyfriend Jamie, twenty three year old former football player Charlie finds himself drawn to Dante Dombruso, the gorgeous, highly dangerous leader of a mafia crime family. Dante is the perfect rebound fling, six feet, four inches of raw sex and hard Italian muscle, wrapped in an expensive suit.

The confident, sexy crime boss is way out of Charlie’s comfort zone. But Charlie already lost everything once by giving in to his fear, and he's not willing to make the same mistake again.

If he’s going to do this, Charlie knows he can’t hold back. He can't date this man a little, he can't trust him a little, he can't go to bed with him a little. If he's going to get involved with Dante Dombruso, Charlie has to be All In.


Politician Won, Amber Kell

Book Three in the The Thresl Chronicles series.

Zander Elios only wanted his Thresl to transform into his mate. Little did he know that once the Thresl changed, Zander would be the one who had to make the most adjustments.

Zander had just about given up on his Thresl ever changing forms. After two years, the beast was still in his cat shape with no signs of changing any time soon. When his health becomes precarious and his Thresl shifts to save him, Zander wonders if he was truly meant to be a mate of one of these special shapeshifters.

As part of his new duties as ambassador to the Thresl king, he is sent to investigate the source of the Thresl smuggling. Unfortunately, when things go wrong they go very wrong and Zander’s Thresl, Leo, is kidnapped. It will take all of his love and diplomatic skills to find their way back together.
Libros Homoeróticos | TNB