Changing Owen's Mind, Charlie Richards

 At over four hundred years of age, Xavier Agueda has all but given up hope of finding his beloved, his soul mate. Then Detective Owen Hanson comes to the vampire’s estate to question Xavier’s coven leader’s partner. Owen’s blood calls to him like nothing he’s scented before. When his leader learns that Owen may be his beloved, he helps Xavier plan to meet him again. It takes a couple of weeks, but finally they schedule a BBQ at a mutual friend’s home, giving him the opportunity to see Owen again.

Can Xavier convince Owen to accept the attentions of a man? And if so, how will Owen react to learning vampires exist?


Love, Delivered, Cassandra Gold

Mark Hanson, shy secretary at a prestigious law firm, has a hard time talking to people, especially men. So when his building gets a hot new deliveryman, Tim Callahan, Mark is attracted to him right away, but too timid to do anything about it.

With the office flirt determined to catch Tim's eye, and people throughout the entire building betting on who the sexy deliveryman will ask out first, can Mark find his courage before he loses his chance?


The Tinder Chronicles #1, Alexa Land

I've been a vampire hunter all my life. Usually, the job's pretty straightforward: find a vamp and kill it, while staying alive in the process. But things have been getting weird lately. The vamps have started hunting in packs, which is almost unheard of. And they’re up to something at an old warehouse down by the Port of Long Beach. Then there’s the daywalking vamp that I came across. None of that should be happening, and I need answers.

I usually work alone. But with all the strange stuff that's been going on, I’ve begun teaming up with fellow hunter Lee Halstrom, a hot Texan that occasionally makes me forget what a bad idea it is to mix business and pleasure. And then there’s Bane. For years the mysterious vampire has been circling me, but never going in for the kill. All of a sudden, he’s putting himself right in the middle of my business. I need to find out what game he's playing…either that, or I could just end him.

***This is the first novella in The Tinder Chronicles. In his hunting ground of Long Beach, California, Tinder crosses paths with Nikolai and Nathaniel, characters introduced in Alexa Land’s best-selling paranormal romance Feral (though this book is not a sequel). This m/m paranormal erotic novella is approximately 25K words in length, and is intended for adults only.**


The El Train Encounter, Evan J. Xavier

Zeddie has followed the same routine of taking the El train to work each week day since he moved to Chicago a year ago. That is until he decides to switch things up and head in on a Sunday to get a leg up on the new work week.

He’s lusted over a mysterious El train rider for months, eyeing him, pleasuring himself nightly, and dreaming of the long-haired stranger.

One little incident could turn his dreams into a sweat pounding reality.


A Sunday Kind Of Love, Charley Descoteaux

 Jazz trumpeter Jake McKynnie is living a lonely existence in LA, convinced that’s the best he can expect from life. He indulges in a bender to drown thoughts of missing his estranged son’s high school graduation, but to his shock, finds the boy on his doorstep the next morning. DJ grew up in a small Oregon town with his mom and stepdad, but now he’s come to town with big dreams of becoming an actor. He’s also not above doing a little matchmaking for his lonely father while he’s at it.

Jake takes DJ to a friend’s salon, where he gets a hairstyle fit for professional headshots. As they leave the salon, however, the observant DJ sends Jake back inside alone to see Mason, the sexy stylist who was checking him out, which leads to a thrilling and memorable encounter.

After their impromptu tryst, Jake can’t get Mason’s strong hands and hot body out of his mind. And for the first time in years, thanks to his son and Mason, he can actually imagine an exciting future when it comes to his personal life. Yet Mason’s hiding something about himself, and his secret could force him to blow town at any time. Will he stick around long enough to replace the ghost of Jake’s past?


Haffling, Caleb James

All sixteen-year-old Alex Nevus wants is to be two years older and become his sister Alice’s legal guardian. That, and he’d like his first kiss, preferably with Jerod Haynes, the straight boy with the beautiful girlfriend and the perfect life. Sadly, wanting something and getting it are very different. Strapped with a mentally ill mother, Alex fears for his own sanity. Having a fairy on his shoulder only he can see doesn’t help, and his mom’s schizophrenia places him and Alice in constant jeopardy of being carted back into foster care.

When Alex’s mother goes missing, everything falls apart. Frantic, he tracks her to a remote corner of Manhattan and is transported to another dimension—the land of the Unsee, the realm of the Fey. There he finds his mother held captive by the power-mad Queen May and learns he is half-human and half-fey—a Haffling.

As Alex’s human world is being destroyed, the Unsee is being devoured by a ravenous mist. Fey is vanishing, and May needs to cross into the human world. She needs something only Alex can provide, and she will stop at nothing to possess it… to possess him.


El chico del gorro rojo, Javier Herce

Julio recibe para su veinticinco cumpleaños un diario con las hojas en blanco. En sus páginas anotará sus deseos de convertirse en un reputado fotógrafo y trasladarse a Madrid donde para todos existen oportunidades, incluso para amar. Sus sentimientos y experiencias también quedan reflejados en las páginas de estas memorias con las que Javier nos ayuda a entender el amor.Soñador empedernido, Julio sufrirá los vericuetos del amor y desamor. Varias parejas pasarán por su vida aunque ninguno logrará arrebatarle el corazón hasta que se cruce en su camino un espléndido chico con un gorro rojo.?Javier Herce ha sabido recuperar el prestigio y el caché de la siempre denostada novela romántica? (Óscar Pérez)Su capacidad para trasmitir, con su descarnada prosa, sentimientos de amor y ternura lo han convertido en uno de los escritores más admirados y respetados del género romántico. Javier Herce vuelve con El chico del gorro rojo a emocionarnos metiéndose en el más profundo rincón de nuestro corazón.El autor nos traslada a su Logroño natal para acercarnos a la vida de un gay en una ciudad pequeña. Con muchos puntos autobiográficos, Herce se desnuda en su novela para trasmitirnos su concepción artística de la fotografía, además de su peculiar visión del amor. Un pequeño homenaje a sus comienzos como artista de este creador multidisciplinar al que no se le resiste ningún reto que se proponga.

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