The Tinder Chronicles #1, Alexa Land

I've been a vampire hunter all my life. Usually, the job's pretty straightforward: find a vamp and kill it, while staying alive in the process. But things have been getting weird lately. The vamps have started hunting in packs, which is almost unheard of. And they’re up to something at an old warehouse down by the Port of Long Beach. Then there’s the daywalking vamp that I came across. None of that should be happening, and I need answers.

I usually work alone. But with all the strange stuff that's been going on, I’ve begun teaming up with fellow hunter Lee Halstrom, a hot Texan that occasionally makes me forget what a bad idea it is to mix business and pleasure. And then there’s Bane. For years the mysterious vampire has been circling me, but never going in for the kill. All of a sudden, he’s putting himself right in the middle of my business. I need to find out what game he's playing…either that, or I could just end him.

***This is the first novella in The Tinder Chronicles. In his hunting ground of Long Beach, California, Tinder crosses paths with Nikolai and Nathaniel, characters introduced in Alexa Land’s best-selling paranormal romance Feral (though this book is not a sequel). This m/m paranormal erotic novella is approximately 25K words in length, and is intended for adults only.**


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juan dijo...

porque ultimammente solo suben libros en ingles? que pasa con los libros en español? no se pueden traducir estos que subis las ultimas semanas?

Laura Lauman dijo...

Estimadas personas a cargo de este blog:
Muchas, muchísimas gracias por darme la oportunidad de conocer esta obra. Me gustó tanto que rastreé a la autora, y me he comprado varios de sus libros ya. Además de tener una historia interesante, me ha mostrado que hay opciones que no había tomado en cuenta a la hora de publicar. Y el hecho que esté en inglés me ayuda a practicar un idioma que me sirve en mis relaciones laborales. De nuevo, mil gracias y espero tengan un muy buen año 2015.

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